Welcome to New Life Church

We are a loving family that desires to touch the lives of every person, regardless of age, culture or background.


For many, the Christian life seems like a long-list of dos and don'ts; a game of "Jesus Says;" Jesus says pray, serve and give, hangout with Christians and go to church.  But when we really investigate the Bible, we discover that Jesus' invitation to His first-century audience was an invitation to relationship.  A relationship that began with a simple request - follow me.  Join us as we journey through the Gospels, tracing Jesus' teachings on what it means to "follow."

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Jessa Anderson

Recording artist, Jessa Anderson, will be leading worship at New Life Church on March 22, during Sunday morning worship at 8:30; 9:45; and 11:00am. Jessa and her husband Jordan live in Nashville, TN, but tour full-time leading worship and performing around the country with their two children. Don’t forget to join us on March 22 and enjoy the ministry and musical artistry of Jordan and Jessa Anderson. You might consider inviting a friend to join you in worship that day.


Worship Times

Sundays: 8:30am, 9:45am, & 11:00am (All ages)


Wednesdays: 7:00pm (Ages 3 years through 12th grade)